Have you ever felt stuck and then someone comes in with that classic line “you’ll figure it out in due time”. Dammit Suzie, no, I want answers now. I need an idea of when I’m gonna figure this out. I can’t continue living in the unknown…

Well, for my eager and ambitious readers out there I hate to break it to ya but doing things by accident and living in the unknown is exactly how people have built $100 million dollar companies. Take Shark Tank’s most successful business, Scrub Daddy, for example. They did 170 million dollars by “accident” just last year.

Alright, so let’s back up a bit because no one stumbles onto that much revenue by accident. However, the founder of Scrub Daddy did indeed stumble upon the product by accident.

After selling his first company to 3M, Aaron Krause stepped into his next venture while trying to clean patio furniture. While cleaning he unintentionally stripped paint off of the furniture using the wrong sponge. That’s when he remembered a different type of sponge he created with his first company but never did anything with.

Once he located the box full of these forgotten sponges and started using them in different applications he realized how useful they were and went to market with them. Ultimately getting a shark on board and building a multi-million dollar company.

Right, so if you’re asking yourself but how does this help me know “when” then you’ve missed the point. Not having the answers or knowing when something will happen is sometimes best. This way we keep an open mind to all opportunities coming our way and realize everything we’ve done so far.


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