What’s your why? To some this question is a no brainer and to others it’s one of the most difficult questions to answer. 

There’s a moment in your life you start to look for answers you never thought you’d ever have to ask. You come to this crossroad in your life not once but several times. You are in search of who you are again. You may start to seek more answers and in the process end up discovering even more questions. This searching is a moment of contrast where what worked before isn’t working anymore and now you’ve reached a point of understanding it’s time to make critical changes. 

I am going to make a hard stop right here as there is no one single solution or answer that will be a blanket for everyone. The one common factor though is that all the answers are in one of two places already. The most obvious place to look is inward. How do I look inward when I have been lost in my journey? We live in a world of information abuse with the byproduct being noise. Noise is the array of resources you have ready at your fingertips. 

I see countless times the regurgitation of quotes and memes floating around from page to page yet little action. We get in our way because we don’t listen to the most important resource we have which is ourselves. This isn’t a call to arms so you go digging inside venturing into deep territory for the answers. 

This is a place of following inspired thought which allows you to step into you. You uncover the answers instead of creating solutions. Let me explain. Every answer and solution to a problem already exists. You’re just moving too fast in your search to stop and recognize it because you’re looking through too much stuff. Have you ever been to the Cheesecake factory only to discover you’re not presented with a standard menu? Instead you’re handed a novel of menu items which takes you 20 mins to sort through. In the end you succumb to 1 of three options. You already know what you desire so you don’t even look through the menu or you panic and just choose an item at random or in the end you choose with what you feel like eating. 

A famous fast food chain was on the brink of bankruptcy with a steady decline in patronage. This restaurant sought out help to figure out the best solution to bring back numbers that would eventually lead this franchise to record numbers of success. The solution? They cut back 50% of the menu simplifying the choices for customers. 

When you look at the root of a situation and remove the results of your decisions based on judgement from yourself, from others, the vast array of knowledge from books and philosophers, from mentors and the sort you’re able to get back in touch with the person that has the most expertise on you and that is yourself. I must bring back the argument of time and looking into the future. Your mission for a new vision doesn’t exist in the future where it is fully executed and has been carried to its fullest light. Your mission, vision or purpose exists in the person that you are right now and the things you can do right now. If you want to be this absolutely successful entrepreneur, it takes you doing what you do best now that gets you to the next stage of your journey. 

I have always expressed that when we feel lost we aren’t being completely true to ourselves and being completely ourselves. The path to answers starts with you being fully confident in yourself, in love with yourself by accepting your gifts and your weaknesses. 

The more you run after your dreams, goals and answers you’re pushing them further away. Instead of asking yourself what’s your why. I challenge you to ask, why does it even matter first.