We’re only human and guess what? It’s a simple universal idea to want something more out of life. Now because of this, it can be quite the challenge to connect the dots if you will. So this goes out to all of the young professionals getting lost in their thoughts trying to map out what the next 6 months looks like, let alone the next 5 years…

Right, so quick question. Imagine having worked in the grocery industry for 13 years. Would you believe you had the skills and experience to create a niche in the real estate industry? Hmm, Probably not right? Well, a man by the name of Kent Clothier did exactly that.

After successfully reverse-engineering the grocery wholesale biz he took the same idea of creating demand before supply and applied it to the real estate industry. Almost by accident. Down to his last $5,000, he purchased a real-estate training program and that’s when the lightbulb went off inside his head.

It was at that moment Kent realized all the same skills he learned from the grocery business could be applied to the real estate market. Plus with little competition, because no one had this strategy, he ultimately built a niche empire selling wholesale properties. Even before purchasing them…

So what’s the hidden lesson? That your current job could be teaching you more than you think!

If you need a quick in your eyes example just flashback to the person you were when you first started. Probably easy to see you’re a little bit wiser now. So, what skills have you mastered that you think can be applied to your next venture?