Where are my hard-headed dreamers at? You know, the ones who envision there only being one path to reach their goals…

Alright, I get it sometimes in stories like Walmart this type of dedication to a dream is necessary. However, could you have ever imagined a heavy metal band becoming an uber-popular pop-rock band? Hmm maybe not, but that’s exactly how the Goo Goo Dolls made it big.

In 1985 the band Goo Goo Dolls was formed in upstate New York. With the idea of becoming a punk rock band that mixed in a flavor of heavy metal. After releasing a few albums under a heavy metal label and not really taking off like they hoped it was time to try something new.

That something new would become one of their most popular tracks, Iris. The band leader Johnny Rzeznik even recalls not being totally happy with their “new direction.” But after seeing where it propelled them he knew the change was exactly what they needed.

So, let’s plant a seed in our head. Think about a project or business we’ve been working on for a while now, something that seems like it’s plateaued. Could it be possible that despite our “clear vision” for how this should go that we may be missing something?

Listen, change is never easy especially when we hold our goals so tightly. But, at the end of the day sometimes we have to weigh our options and ask ourselves what do we really have to lose?