Have you ever looked at something and said you know what I could make that better. I could change this, alter that, and it would be ten times better. I’m sure any creative mind reading this has been there before. Sadly a thought like that can be followed by a flood of mental roadblocks telling you how big of a feat it would be and just like that the romance is dead…

Well, for Billy Freeman the vision of a better boat floated around in his head. A life long passion for offshore fishing and the desire to have a better performing catamaran sparked the idea. Like a spirit, the idea came and went often teasing him just before reality entered to take it away.

After 10 years everything changed when he came to his wife and said I don’t want to be the guy who said: “should of could of would of”. So he met with a naval architect at a local Starbucks several times before finally coming up with a design that he put into place and built from scratch in his back yard. Literally!

So why are we bringing this up? Isn’t it kind of random to write about a small town boat builder still growing?

Well, for two reasons #1 they were just featured by President Donald Trump at the Made In America showcase and #2 because how awesome is it to think that one man started the ultimate disruption to the boat building industry from his garage… In a day and age where huge corporations seem to rule and everyone is glued to the internet, one small-town guy is changing it all and has other boat builders following his lead.

*mic drop*


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