Quick question, are your spidey senses tingling today?

Now before you think we’ve gone off the deep end let’s back up a bit. When we mention spidey senses were really referring to how hungry you are. For the restless spirit reading this, it’s that fire in your belly and urge to climb.

It’s probably no surprise to hear that the flame burning inside is an attribute to our future success. According to Roy Osing your innate spidey senses and many other attributes will help determine whether you have a rewarding career or one you just show up to… Sometimes not even knowledge can compete with that little flame. 

Now, of course, from time to time we may fall into a rut. Feeling knocked down and out. We get it. We’re only human it can happen. But just remember that our flame never dies. It just needs to be fed. 

Feeding your flame well that involves asking yourself at the beginning of each day if you’re ready to face today’s challenges. For example are you ready to take on that new project? What about risking the status quo to try a new strategy? Or better yet are you focused on chasing your goals?

The ability to execute and answer these questions helps in the grand scheme of things. Which of course is to throw gasoline to that little flame and set the world on fire.


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