We’ve got a bone to pick… A bone to pick with our mentality. How many times have we ever been in a position with way too much uncertainty? Changing our thinking from “things should go this way” to “well damn what now?” You may not want to admit it but it’s like a sucker punch to the gut. You know it hurts but you’re trying to not let it slow you down.

Now imagine this feeling is being magnified by some type of risk. Like starting a new business. Well, in the early days of The Home Depot, founders Arthur and Bernie were in a similar stage of uncertainty. Both having been recently fired from their corporate jobs they decided to go rogue by opening not one but TWO home improvement stores at a time when a “one-stop-shop” didn’t exist.

The founders recall not even being able to pay shoppers to shop in the store. On top of that, they were having issues getting vendors to sell them the product to put on shelves. They actually had to come up with a creative way of making sure the store looked well-stocked by lining empty boxes on shelves with padding.

But what about me? Home Depot is a multi-billion dollar empire, anyone could have seen that one coming… Yeah, maybe a psychic. For the founders it wasn’t until a small gesture from a customer before they thought to themselves they might make it.

Now let’s put things into perspective because we may not be trying to start the next Home Depot (or maybe we are). The important takeaway here is if the founders of Home Depot had let the level of uncertainty they were facing paralyze them then we probably wouldn’t have that bright orange store down the street today. So, why should we let uncertainty stop us?


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