I woke up thinking, ok Thursday let’s do this! And then, after 2 mins from stumbling to find the coffee machine I had an enlightening moment. It hits me as if you’re watching a series of slow motion scenes with a smooth pan of the camera. As I stand there twisted the stick to open my blinds the sun starts to creep through leading up to the moment when the sun fully lights up the room…. Wait a tick it’s not Thursday! It’s Friday!

You know what that means. It’s No Filter Friday! And before you read that slogan like people only read headlines you’ll probably get yourself in trouble trying to tell someone off you have had a grudge with lately.

Rather, No Filter Friday is a term I coined years ago to make Friday not about living by the paycheck but to remove the filter that keeps you scared from doing what you want in life. I have preached this more than once and I will continue to do so. You have to take small steps many times to get to the thing you want in life or the person you have been wanting to become.

This weekend, instead of being afraid of the one thing you’ve always wanted to do, challenge yourself to find 30 seconds of courage to embrace your fear. Remove the filter and go head on into what sets your should on fire.

It doesn’t have to be anything huge or monumental. I will share an example of my own personal experience. One Friday I was having a great conversation and a drink with my neighbor and friend, Anna. I got into a discussion which lead to my theory on living an inspired life and how weekends were exciting to me for different reasons than most.

Anna looks at me and asked what was it I was going to conquer or even just face. I had to think for a second but then she blurts out, “are you afraid of the woods?!”. I paused for a second because what sat behind us was a mile long deep stretch of woodlands. As I slowly turn and look at the pitch black woodlands, I said to myself “damn… she got me”.

With 30 seconds of courage coursing through me we ventured into the wood with one flash light and my dying cell phone. Anna and I drudge through the woodlands. After 5 mins, her flash light goes dead and we are standing in the middle of the woods at midnight with wildlife clearly rustling around. Mind you, there were no paths in these woods. We had to make our own by pushing thorny bushes and fallen branches out of our way.

We managed to find our way back safe. So what was there to be afraid of? Was my fear irrational and was my fear based on irrational scenarios? Either way I think two major lessons can be learned here. Sometimes you have to get out of your own way and let others lead you and the fear you might has more likelihood of being something completely irrational.

Maybe the life you want, level you want to reach or person you’re afraid to talk to that you want to is 30 seconds away this weekend when you remove your filter and step into how amazing you already are.

I’m JusSayin