Let’s talk leadership – Ben Straker, the founder of The Specialist Club


How far back can you recall the very moment you decided you wanted something better for yourself? Maybe you had a dream when you were around the age of 11 of owning a yacht and waking up anywhere in the world on it but not solely because it was one of those childhood dreams as a young boy has. This dream to step behind the helm of a Hatteras or any other favorite boat was driven by an inspiring emotion by this individual. This moment, this dream and this desire is what started the ambitious life of Ben Straker. 


In a recent sit down with Ben, I discovered a deeper side of the inspiring and tenacious man behind the brand The Specialist Club and what drives his actions. Like many leaders, we are driven by two major factors in life. One factor is a self-realizing moment we want what we want and we will work endlessly to achieve it.  The other aspect is a natural behavior to just work hard. 


I had the opportunity to meet Straker at a local networking event catering to creative professionals and go-getters. As I walked up to a circle of new attendees, Ben stood with a casual stoic yet empowering demeanor. After the room took turns introducing themselves it was Ben’s turn. Standing tall he shared his career goals but jumped right into what truly brought him fulfillment and it wasn’t a spreadsheet from his day job. 


Straker enlightened all of us about The Specialist Club, why it all started and what it’s goals were. He wanted to create a program that targeted college students about to graduate or took the stage to receive their diploma. Each of these had one thread in common, what would they do now in the real world or how will they really excel in the real world. In school, University and even at home we are taught a standard curriculum based on modules and learned experiences that haven’t fully set us up. We look at other kids and see the differences in experiences they received versus us and question if they got a leg up. Ben strived for what he has accomplished and received in life through his own trials and tribulations. He has his own catalyst for what inspired TSC and he stands here now to teach those looking for answers that didn’t get them from their educational system.


Ben’s idea has laid the groundwork to supply eager and open minds that want more from their time in college with a focused launchpad into the real world. It takes a vision larger than yourself to be a true leader. It takes asking the question “why can’t we have better” but in the same moment realizing that sometimes to get better we have to raise ourselves up and create the very thing others need. 


When I was looking for leaders to partner with I wanted to make sure they held the character traits, the same desire for progress and a vision that was driven by more than just financial gain. This is an open letter of respect, gratitude, and acknowledgment for how far Ben has come in life and his ventures along with how far he is destined to go leading others like him in a world primed for massive growth.


If you’re about to graduate and still wondering how you’re going to succeed, grow and find a direction worth aiming for then Ben understands first hand what it takes. I encourage you to follow him on social media and sign up for his newsletters.


So what makes Ben a leader? He executes and stays focused on his goal. Understanding that his journey might change and sway and that it takes time. He accepts the outcome never swaying from the end goal. The road to accomplishments is never a straight line. Ben realizes this and is ready to show others how to navigate the waters. Ben is a leader because no one asked him to take the lead. He chose to live by example and does every single day.


The Gravity Group welcomes Ben Straker to the family.