Listen, It’s one thing to be different in a normal world. But being new in an already new world? Well, that’s something different altogether. And it’s exactly where Mark Benioff found himself…

Now if you’ve ever been a bonus hungry salesperson or maybe have found yourself on the customer-facing side of a corporation, chances are you’re familiar with Mark’s creation, Salesforce. Right so how is Salesforce considered an innovative product in an already innovative world?

Well, from right about where Karen’s cubicle sits and over to the lunchroom is the reason why. Its the absence of a large server room which companies traditionally needed in order to use CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. The same server rooms where the big dogs like Oracle and Microsoft would have their software resting on a companies personal server. Salesforce is different in that their software would be a service that is delivered to you from the cloud.

Alright, so all jokes aside Salesforce’s start was you know not all sunshine and rainbows. Despite it seeming like a logical innovate product to get onboard with Mark, of course, ran into people saying that it would be crazy or that it would never work. Especially when considering the big players who were already on the playing field.

Despite the opposition and uncertainty, Mark was determined to make it happen. Starting out of a one-bedroom apartment and using his network to find partners willing to take the leap he did just that.

Moral of the story? 20 years and 50 billion dollars later Mark showed that it’s perfectly fine for your idea to stand out in an already innovative industry. So don’t let the fear of standing out too much in an industry stop you from trying something. Who cares what people think, if it makes sense then go for it.


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