A perfect day, the weather in Bend, Oregon couldn’t have been more beautiful. The trails were wide open that brisk November morning as we geared up for what was going to be a “breathtaking” adventure. The motorcycle ride was smooth as glass as I effortlessly glided across the sand. In an instant, a sudden silence in slow motion blanketed my body as an unforgiving tree blocked my path. It was as if the tree was staring right through me. I exhaled upon impact pleading for life , yet “paralyzed” from taking another breath.

Through the air, I went landing forcefully on my hands and knees, with a piercing pain in my chest making it nearly impossible to breathe! Excruciating pain that I had never felt overwhelmed the moment and crippled my movement.
After a 4hr truck ride back home, going in and out of consciousness, blindness, and vomiting, all my body wanted to do was “rest”.

My boyfriend, who was my hero that night, encouraged a hospital visit, multiple times, instead of “sleeping it off” until my next training session like I stubbornly suggested (a woman on a mighty mission to help others).
Little did I know, the accident resulted in multiple ruptured organs (kidney, spleen, liver) that caused internal bleeding for several days. The doctors couldn’t rationalize why my heart was still beating. During my 11 days in the hospital and two months in bed, I had a lot of time to reflect on what mattered most to me…

In short, the first morning I woke up in my own bed it was shockingly hard to come to grips with the reality that I couldn’t care for and coach my clients because I now had to care for and coach myself through recovery.
Through it all, I wasn’t going to entertain the thought that my life was over at 30!! That I had already come to the end of my course and had fulfilled my service to influence a higher standard of potential and achievement.
At that moment, I decided to get a little bit stronger, stay awake a little bit longer, and day after day walk a little bit farther. During this transformational shift, I also deepened the examination of the kinds of relationships I had and wanted to invest in. The kind that wasn’t based on convenience or conformity, but now favored what encouraged the best out of me, for me, and of the ones beside me.

Almost dying taught me how to truly live!!!! My second chance inspires me to love & believe in myself more, to serve humbly and wholeheartedly, and to be more patient and compassionate with others knowing we all face a struggle or challenge of some kind yet are doing the best we can. Life is about helping each other, not hurting each other.
Life is about getting up, not giving up!!

I can truly appreciate each sunrise knowing I almost didn’t get to see another. My understanding of what it means to be resilient matured with choice. By strategically overcoming each obstacle and side affect my performance & appreciation for life and service flourished.

I learned that there is no better day than today to be fully present and aware of the impact one can leave on and for others!

As of April 30th, 2016, I decided that I am too determined to be defeated, and I got back in the seat!! I hope to encourage you to find what makes you feel ALIVE, to experience LOVE in abundance and without condition, and not to hesitate on your potential EXCELLENCE and ability to IMPACT the world!! Out of this experience HAIL Performance was born and now it is my mission to empower and educate others to build healthy habits and routines that help them to overcome hardship and create successful outcomes so that they too can be a greater influence and contribution to their life, the lives of others, and to the generations to come.