If you’re about to take that first big jump then this is a question you’ve asked yourself hundreds of times before. And all we have to say is “with a vision.” A vision for a better you or maybe even a better world. Whatever your vision might be the biggest changes in life come from the desire to reach said vision and ambition to make it happen.

Wait, but what if our vision for this big goal is so far fetched that we don’t actually have the know-how to create it? Should we just give up? Lol. Just keep reading.

One great example of someone who did not let a lack of expertise or skill stop them is Nick Woodman. If you don’t know who that is, then just think GoPro. When Nick started out he was still recovering from a previously failed venture and knew nothing about building or designing cameras. What he saw was a better version of an active wearable camera.

Now because of this vision, he spent countless nights literally fed-exing documents back and forth with a Chinese manufacturer. All while still creating custom parts for these cameras he was building on his own. The end result? A billion dollar camera brand.

Sadly, life doesn’t provide you with the luxury of knowing the skills necessary to reach your goals before taking action. Sometimes you have to literally spend hours in the trenches developing those skills on your own. But, that’s the fun part of this crazy thing we call entrepreneurship.

The moral to the story? Once you start adding those new skills to your utility belt there’s not a damn thing that can stop you. Feed your vision with gasoline and let that fire grow even higher.