How far is too far? Can we really go so far in the wrong direction that it becomes impossible to turn around? Getting beat down by the day to day blows of life for long enough can become a breaking point. It’s that “straw that broke the camels back” kind of situation. But is it really the end?

For the Iron Man himself (Robert Downey Jr), it wasn’t the end of the road after being arrested on possession of drugs and a firearm. It wasn’t the end after a long period of time in and out of rehab and jail. It was a turning point.

A turning point that had him continuing to challenge himself and develop his career over a period of years not just days. It was his persistence to not let his past define him which brought him the success he has today. 

For many of us, it may never get to that far of a point to feel as if things are over. Sometimes simple mistakes can become big setbacks in our mind. But with any setback comes new opportunities and a fresh start. 

Yes, while its easier said than done. Keep in mind that anything in life worth having is going to be a true challenge and sometimes takes incredible amounts of effort. So hold onto that desire to succeed and just keep going.


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