Are you an honorable coach?

1) The coach has the students best interests in mind and heart. They focus on their growth & development while providing the encouragement and guidance they need to get there.

2) The coach is more concerned with how the student learns over how they want to teach. They take the time to listen to their students while assessing development and asking questions to gain further understanding of the students current perspective.

3) The coach magnifies the student’s strengths while minimizing their weaknesses through encouragement and strategic training (at times, a good coach is going to tell you what you don’t want to hear).

4) The Coach displays healthy practices and behaviors being that their performance is a big part of how they encourage others to perform!

5) The coach and the coaching environment provide positive energy, consistency, safety, & continued growth.

Unfortunately, these characteristics may be minimized and even non-existent due to profit and/or politics. Be careful in the absence of these characteristics.

Coaches, I encourage you to be mindful that “you train people how to treat people by how you treat yourself.” IF you’re not improving your performance then why would your students be encouraged you to improve their performance?

The highest levels of influence are achieved not by those who inform but by those who decide to go first! Be the kind of influence that goes first!  Thank you!


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