Are you an entrepreneur, business owner or professional looking to establish yourself as an authority in your industry?

Yes? … Me too!

Do you have a strategy or plan on how to accomplish this?

Two of the main pillars of success in becoming an industry authority are Personal Branding and a Content Marketing Strategy.

But first, let’s discuss WHY.

Why are these two activities necessary in order to slay it in your industry, catapult your reputation and become a well-known authority?

Gain respect and networking opportunities from your peers, potential clients or employers.
Open up a steady stream of referrals.
Get paid speaking gigs or PR opportunities.
Receive requests for guest blogging or vlogging, in order to leverage others audiences.
Feel a sense of compassion by sharing your knowledge and value with your community.
Land consulting clients who want to pay you for this knowledge and expertise.
Be known as the solution to your target customer’s pain points and the leads will come.

How will we you get there?

1. Establish your personal brand

What is the first thing anyone does when they want to learn about a person, place or topic?


Your personal brand is the collection of content that you put online, which can be found by your potential customers or clients.

It is your mission statement, vision, unique value proposition, core values, accomplishments, lessons you’ve learned through experience with a heavy dose of your personality! Once this is fleshed out, these will serve as the themes for your content to be distributed on your blog, public articles (LinkedIn, Medium etc.), and social media channels.

Your personal brand is the foundation of your mission and purpose. And content marketing is the communication vehicle for your message.

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2. Share Your Story
We all have a unique story to tell. This is at the heart of your personal brand. Your story should be an outline of your personal and professional experiences, but most importantly what you have learned through these experiences, good and bad.

It encompasses what your passionate about and how your actions align with all of the above but MOST importantly WHY you do it. What drives you in your business on a daily basis?

Image result for start with why quotes simon sinek

Pair this content with some high-quality images of yourself and you are well on your way to a successful content marketing strategy.

Your story should be authentic and represent your true self. With an abundance of imposters online, it’s very easy to slip into copy-cat mode because you see what is working for other people and it’s a safe route, or so you think.

While it is OK, to see what others are doing for inspiration, do not be tempted to copy someone else. Too many people chase vanity metrics and a clean, curated feed in pursuit of perfectionism. You are unique and your gifts are unique! Sharing your authentic story is what will differentiate you.

By Lindsey Tague